Pet Rules

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Pet rules
Help us stay pet friendly

Please read these rules carefully so that you are fully aware what we expect of our guests with pets. It is hoped you understand that these rules are necessary in order to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all our guests.

1. Please advise us about your pet at the time of booking.

2. We have different beaches for our guests and for pets. Please use for pets the beach you can find passing the generator on the left of our restaurant or the one on the far right of our restaurant as well. The area on the right beach near the restaurant shall be pet-free.

3. Pets must be kept under control: Please make sure that your pet does not cause annoyance and is as quiet as possible.

4. Management reserves the right that you and your pet leave our place on your own harm if it finds that the above rules are not being adhered to or others feel threatened or upset by the presence of your pet.

Pets inside: $20

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