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Pelorus Mail Boat – Marlborough Sounds


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Brief history of the Pelorus Mail Boat

Mail was first delivered to the Marlborough Sounds by Government Steamer in 1912. The Steamer put the mail ashore at various small Post Offices throughout the area and the residents had to row to these points to pick their mail up.
In 1925 the Government decided to put the Service out to Private Operators and the Mail Run, as it is done today, was born.
In the early years most of the goods carried were farming supplies and a few tourists. These days the mailboat still takes farm supplies and residents to and from their homes.
In summer, the boat drops people at their holiday homes and also takes people to some of the unique holiday accommodation available in the Pelorus Sound.
And of course Jim and his team warmly welcome people who wish to share the day with them as they deliver the mail and help support the community of Pelorus Sound.

The Pelorus Mailboat Te Rawa Schedule

Commencing 1 November 2017 through to the end of April 2017 the Pelorus Mail Boat will offer a daily service to Te Rawa. The mailboat leaves Havelock at 10am each morning arriving in Te Rawa between 11:40am and 12:25pm depending on the day of the week. The mailboat stops off at Te Rawa where light lunches, espresso coffee, icecream and a full range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages may be enjoyed. The stopover in Te Rawa lasts an hour before continuing its journey arriving back in Havelock at 16:00 daily. Of course for those wishing to it is possible to stay for a few days returning on the mailboat a few days later, after enjoying the peace and tranquility of The Lodge. Outside the peak summer period a reduced frequency will be offered. A different route is taken each day but regardless of the route you will visit isolated homesteads nestled in quiet secluded bays, delivering crucial supplies and mail the same way it has been done for decades. You will view mussel farms and see why Pelorus Sound is the mussel capital of the world. Old timers row out in dinghies to meet the boat, while some receive their supplies on tiny, unspoilt beaches. The people of the Marlborough Sounds are as much a part of the area as the history and majestic beauty.
Join the crew on the mail boat for the experience of a lifetime. Let them take you on our spectacular mail run or drop you at your accommodation in the Marlborough Sounds.
Exclusive charters, group bookings and enquiries about evening dinner cruises to Te Rawa are also welcome.

Enquiries & Bookings


Jim Baillie or Amanda Smith
Phone 03 574 1088
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